20 May

Classification of typefaces

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  • Serif

    • Humanist (also known as: Old Style serifs)
      are the oldest typefaces, around 1400s. How to recognize? By their diagonal stress: the thinnest parts of the letters appear on the angled strokes.

    • Transitional serifs
      The most common serif typefaces, around 1700s. Cont…

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27 Mar

HTTP Security Headers

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Use securityheaders.io online tool to score security HTTP headers of your site.

All the examples are for nginx server but values for other http servers are similar.

This header is basic click-jacking protection to disable opening a page inside an iframe.

It is quite limited a…

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12 Mar

Hostname change on ISPConfig

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There is an easy way to to change a hostname on already installed ISPConfig server, but ih includes a couple of additional steps.

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10 Mar

Trello Techniques

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Best practices after several months of Trello use.

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03 Mar

Reverse DNS on IPv6

linux dns ipv6 mail Time to read 2 minutes, 33 seconds

When sending mail to Gmail, you get this kind of response:

message does not meet IPv6 sending guidelines regarding PTR records

The reason is missing reverse DNS record for server's IPv6 address; fix is obvious but not easy.

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